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Nazisploitation; the use of Nazi imagery in BDSM fantasies, erotica, porn and scenes.

The most controversial appearance of Nazi imagery in BDSM erotica is the Stalag Femdom novels read by Israeli men typically featuring female Gestapo sadists. Some of this appeared in the American’s men’s adventure magazine market in magazines like True. But depictions of male Nazis torturing women were more common.

The latter has been a common feature in S&M porn.

Dachau: Women's Section

Sluts of the S.S.

As were gay male sadomasochistic novels.

Nazi male slave

Some Jewish men seek partners willing to enact concentration camp scenarios with them. Because of the extreme sense of shame of participating in such this is one of the most buried parts of BDSM. The reality of the holocaust causes such scenes to trouble normally hardcore sadists and masochists because it brings to mind some of the most horrific events in 20th century history.

Movies (always awful) include Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS and Elsa Fraulein SS. List of Nazisploitation DVDs.

Female Supremacy: Men are the Slave Property of Women

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