David Beckham: State of Man

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

David Beckham in suite and tie on the cover of WSJ Magazine October 2011.

David Beckham Suit and Tie

Gay Male Photo Fiction

Gay publishing

Sugar Stories resememble a comic strip but the images are photographs rather than drawings. In the website’s own words:

Sugar Stories is fictional work that gives us insight into the private lives, habits, drama, and pleasures of a group of young men from Paris. What makes them so special? They are gay; some of them accept their sexual orientation, and live their lifestyle openly, while others stay on the “down low”. But all their lives are affected, even occasionally disrupted, by being gay.

This photo-story isn’t a piece of gay activism; but the characters are yearning for simple and uneventful lives while their sexual orientation, and its relevance in society, does factor prominently into their journey. Being gay isn’t a choice, but whether or not making peace with this facet of life can be one. The family and loved ones of gay people find themselves having to decide to choose acceptance as well, which often is more difficult than it is for the people who they love. The stories that you’ll see regularly in this space sometimes will be inspired by real events, and sometimes will be works of pure fiction. But we hope to show how today’s young gay people are dealing with this conflict.


Smoking Hot Sean O'Pry

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Sean O’Pry smoking a cigarette. Photographed by Saverio Cardia.

Sean O'Pry Smoking Cigarette

Playing Fashion May 2011.

Heroic Simon Nessman

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Simon Nessman photographed by Fabien Kruszelnicki.

Simon Nessman  Gay Pop Culture

Hero #5 SF 2011.

Sasha Knezevic

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Sasha Knezevic photographed by Adam Whitehead.

Sasha Knezevic Gay Pop Culture

GQ UK SS 2011 Essentials.

Alan Ritchson's Underwear Photographs

Male Underwear Models

Los Angeles, CA, 4/14/2011 - Next week’s episode of 90210 (Monday 4/18) promises plenty of “revealing” heat when Teddy (Trevor Donovan) is reunited with an old crush, Tripp Wallison (Alan Ritchson, Smallville). Luckily for viewers, Mr. Ritchson is no stranger to the sexy game, given his career as a men’s underwear model. Judging by these photos courtesy of International Jock we (and Teddy) have a lot to look forward to. Jocks, briefs, swim trunks, Alan Ritchson has sported them all. The question remains: which will he be wearing (or removing?) on next week’s episode?











Rory Culkin

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Rory Culkin, the youngest of the Culkins, on the cover of Dazed & Confused magazine.

Rory Culkin Long Hair Photograph

William & Mark

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Male models William Eustace & Mark Cox each grace F/Homme Issue One. Photographed by Justin Wu.



Teasing Jerome

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Jerome W photographed by Frank Barthol for Tease 10

Sexy Cover Boy Jerome

Sean O’Pry

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Sean O’Pry photographed by Saverio Cardia for Client No 3 Spring 2011

Sean O'Pry Photograph

Bobby Raffin

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Bobby Raffin photographed by Bobby Raggin.

We The Urban #1

BobbyRaffin Sexy Photograph

Cover Boys of Pref

Male Magazine Cover Photographs, Marketing to gays

Pref, the French gay magazine has folded. The 21st century is not kind to print publications. Even those who publish photographs of exceptionally handsome and lovely young men. A few of Pref’s covers.











Magomed Dadakaev

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Magomed Dadakaev as Vangardist cover boy.

Photographed by by Philipp Jelenska.

That sort of bow tie says stripper or Chippendale’s dancer to my American sensibilities.

Magomed Dadakaev Six Pack Abs Cover Boy

Leebo Freeman

Leebo Freeman photographed by Emilio Tini.

Leebo Freeman Pale Blonde Boy

L’Officiel Hommes Germany

Travis Canatta

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Hercules No.10 5th Anniversary Issue


Emilio Flores

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Hercules No.10 5th Anniversary Issue


Diego Fragoso

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Hercules No.10 5th Anniversary Issue


Parker Gregory

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Parker Gregory photographed by Giampaolo Sgura.

Parker Gregory Cute Coverboy

Hercules No.10 5th Anniversary Issue

Orlando Bloom

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

Orlando Bloom on the cover of a German Men’s Health publication.

Orlando Bloom Cool and Sexy

David Beckham's Glasses

Male Magazine Cover Photographs

People will still make passes at David Beckham when he wears glasses.

David Beckham Wearing Eyeglasses

Fantastic Man #13. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan.

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